My Secret to Permanent Weight Loss


Here’s why YOU WILL SUCCEED with My Method:
  • Lose Weight Permanently – Other diet programs ask for complicated changes that simply are not sustainable over the long-run. The Physician’s Nutritionist helps you create a healthy lifestyle that will not only help you lose weight, but will also make it possible for you to maintain a healthy weight for 5, 10, 20 years to come!
  • Keep It Real, Keep It Simple – Other diet programs are so complicated that you have to carry around a book just to know what you can eat or how many “points” each food is worth. Really?! The Physician’s Nutritionist keeps it real and keeps it simple—real foods and uncomplicated teachings.
  • Based on Experience and Success – Unlike many other health professionals—such as medical doctors who have held a variety of specialties throughout their careers—Dr. Kaye has SPECIFICALLY focused on weight loss and nutritional counseling for over 30 years! He has counseled thousands of individuals on this particular topic and KNOWS from EXPERIENCE, not just from theory.
  • Balanced and Varied Meals – You do not have to cut out entire food groups! You do not have to stick to one list of foods! We all know that this not how life works! The Physician’s Nutritionist encourages variety, allows you to go out to eat, and even encourages one “Splurge Meal” per week!
  • Teach Your Body the Secret to Permanent Weight Loss – Your body is a brilliant machine. Most people who have unsuccessfully tried to lose weight blame their body for not functioning properly. The truth is we just do not know how to communicate to our bodies that it is “okay” to start dropping pounds. The Physician’s Nutritionist teaches you the secret to permanent weight loss: how to eat in a way that tells your body to stop retaining fat.
  • Not a “Diet” in the Common Sense of the Word – The primary definition of the word “diet” is actually: “the kinds of foods a person habitually eats.” However, pop culture has led us to believe another definition: “a specific course of food to which one restricts oneself.” NO ONE wants to be on that kind of diet for the rest of one’s life! The Physician’s Nutritionist is a program of living.
  • Funny and Motivational – Let’s not be so serious! Losing weight is challenging, but Dr. Kaye takes a practical, light-hearted approach and incorporates his own silly humor. He will motivate you and make you laugh.

You have nothing to lose but weight. Try this Program for just one month, and see what you think. The average loss is 4-6 lbs. per month. So what are you waiting for?

The Physician’s Nutritionist is an inexpensive and realistic approach to permanent weight loss. Look good and be healthy: for yourself, your family, and for your longevity.

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