Dr. Kaye has helped THOUSANDS of people lose HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of pounds!


“Dr. Kaye’s  system of weight loss and maintenance is straight-forward and very easy to follow.  I use it myself.  Unlike many of the popular fad diets, Dr. Kaye emphasizes lifestyle change  and a balanced diet that does not leave out any essential nutrients.  He “sweetens the pot” with concrete tips to help you be successful, many of which I, a physician, had never heard before I worked with him.  His system can be followed successfully for years.  I have witnessed this in many of his clients.  In a world in which 90% of those who lose weight gain it back within a year, this is a very positive statement.  I strongly recommend this program.”
D. Paul Robinson, M.D., F.A.A.P.
“Dr. Freddy Kaye provides a basic, no-nonsense plan to weight loss.  Stressing routine, not gimmicks, he coaches you along your journey with helpful hints and strategies.  More importantly, his overall apporach is toward the goal of healthier living and weight maintenance.  I have seen first-hand many of his “successes” who are now happier, healthier and lighter…”
Floyd Jaggears, M.D., Orthopedic Surgeon


“My struggle with weight and food has been life-long. I tried it all. Dr. Kaye’s plan is so straight-forward that many will dismiss it for not having all the bells and whistles. Too often, quick-fix plans offer strange foods that arrive in a box, count points, or are so restrictive that you cannot stay on them. Dr. Kaye offers a life change, not a diet. Using his common sense approach, I’ve lost over 100 lbs. I’ve kept it off, so far, for 2 years. His program SAVED MY LIFE

“By following Dr. Kaye’s program, I have achieved goals that I hadn’t dreamed were possible. I have confidence in myself again. I’m proud of what I have done. It amazes me daily. Seeing positive results has fortified my faith beyond my dreams. Staying steadfast in the course Dr. Kaye has chartered for me, I have become a new person … or rather, I’ve become me!”

“Dr. Kaye had a great impact on my life…he made me aware of what I was eating…He introduced me to new foods and a new style of eating…I wanted to be able to walk and start working again. I wanted my lifestyle to change. My grandfather told me I could do anything I wanted to do. Dr. Kaye reinforced his wisdom… Now, I have lost more than 100 pounds!”
“Dr. Kaye’s plan is not a diet in the common use of the word. It isn’t a program that one uses to drop a few pounds and then return to former habits and former weight gain. This is a practical, health-centered, historically and universally-based nutritional plan for eating right and living well. Thank you, Dr. Kaye, for giving me back my life…”
Pastor Vance, Methodist Minister

“When I started Dr. Kaye’s program, I weighed 323 pounds and could barely walk two miles without giving out. Two years later, after eating healthier food and exercising regularly, I’m 120 pounds lighter and do a range of activities I couldn’t do before I started with Dr. Kaye – jog, water ski, bicycle and enjoy amusement parks. My cholesterol levels and blood pressure have improved tremendously…most importantly, these changes have given me a chance for a longer life to spend with my family.”


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