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One of Dr. Kaye’s greatest strengths is speaking to large groups of people. His high energy level and ability to connect with the audience is unusual, and he has the ability to reenergize an audience even after hours of monotonous conference presentations. He has given lectures, seminars, and keynote presentations to various associations and organizations, both among health professionals and non-health professionals. Given the prevalence of overweight and obesity and the difficulty of maintaining a healthy lifestyle in our present culture, learning to prevent or reduce disease, weight loss/weight maintenance, and healthy living is relevant to all of us.

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Dr. Freddy Kaye provides individual and family counseling at his private practice in Tallahassee, Florida. Every person is different, and Dr. Kaye tailors the program to suit an individual’s needs.  You will learn how to shop, how to eat, how to exercise, how to take control… If you have any related diagnoses or concerns, such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, etc., these will be confronted as well.

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Dr. Kaye, a leading expert on nutrition, dieting, and losing weight, is offering a two types of webinars.  One is an 8-week weight-loss class, taught personally by Dr. Kaye via weekly webinars.  The second will be a FREE weekly “Question & Answer” session for prospective clients where you can learn more about his program, his webinar series, his book, and his background, all from Dr. Kaye himself.

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