One of Dr. Kaye’s greatest strengths is speaking to large groups of people. His high energy level and ability to connect with the audience is unusual, and he has the ability to reenergize an audience even after hours of monotonous conference presentations. He has given lectures, seminars, and keynote presentations to various associations and organizations, both among health professionals and non-health professionals. Given the prevalence of overweight and obesity and the difficulty of maintaining a healthy lifestyle in our present culture, learning to prevent or reduce disease, weight loss/ weight maintenance, and healthy living is relevant to all of us.

Having Dr. Kaye speak to your group is worthwhile for any business or organization. Research shows that in addition to obesity being related to higher health care costs, it is also associated with greater absenteeism from work. The bottom line, however, is that engaging in a healthy lifestyle is more important than one’s actual body mass index, and if employers are not actively encouraging a healthy lifestyle, then they are creating barriers to an already challenging task. Thus, bringing in a speaker such as Dr. Kaye to increase motivation and nutritional knowledge among employees or members of an organization is highly likely to benefit the organization as a whole.

Dr. Kaye has given talks and presentations to health-related organizations such as the Agency for Health Care Administration, the Florida Department of Health, and the American Dietetic Association, and to non-health-related organizations such as the Florida Cabinet, the Florida League of Cities, the Florida Department of Corrections, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, and Barnes and Nobles bookstores.

Contact him or pass on his information if you believe that an organization or business you belong to might be interested. In addition to speaking about the secret to permanent weight loss, Dr. Kaye can give talks on topics such as slowing down aging, preventing and reversing heart disease, increasing energy and keeping your metabolism running at its optimum speed, eating a balanced diet, the difference between good fat and bad fat and why carbs are not “the enemy,” etc.

He has also organized (optional) weight loss/healthy lifestyle change programs for small businesses, and has provided group counseling for interested members of an organization, such as a religious group.

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