MediBase Meal-Replacement Shake

About the Product

Medibase-cans+packetsA recommended meal-replacement shake to assist in your weight-loss efforts. MediBase powder easily mixes with water, milk, soymilk, etc. and is available in chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry.

3 Delicious Flavors: Chocolate, Vanilla and Strawberry

Nutrition Content of MediBase:
Per Packet (or 2 scoops):
Carbohydrates……31 grams
Protein…………….13 grams
Fat………………….4 grams

MediBase is:  70% Complex carbohydrates, 25% Protein, 5% Fat, and contains the U.S. RDA for vitamins and minerals!

Major Ingredients:
Whey Protein

MediBase was developed by Dr. Robert Neisheim, who was a member of the Food and Nutrition Board from 1972 – 1978. Dr. Neisheim chaired committees on fortification of food grains and food consumption patterns and worked for Quaker Oats for over 25 years.

Pricing Information:

$24 per can (12 meals per can) plus $5 S+H

$56 per box of flavor (28 packets per box) plus $5 S + H

Call 850.224.1108 for Inquires and to Purchase

Medibase Starter Kit


The Starter Kit contains : 18 Medibase packets, 6 of each flavor (vanilla, strawberry and chocolate), and a Blender Bottle. The Blender Bottle can replace the need for a blender, or allow you the option of making a shake even while traveling or at the office.  MediBase powder can be mixed with skim milk, soymilk, almond milk, non-lactose milk, or water, along with a piece of fruit and ice cubes.

Call Freddy at 850.224.1108 for Inquires and to Purchase

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