..and so the Holiday Eating Begins, YIKES!

Aha, with Thanksgiving staring us in the face, Christmas next, The Holiday Eating Frenzy begins. But wait, no need to get crazy here. You don’t have to accept extra pounds which Santa will gladly bring you. Control and a little[…]

Holiday or Anytime Traveling – Brace Yourself!

Holiday or anytime traveling, whether by car or plane, does not mean you have to relinquish control of your eating. A little planning and forethought will allow you to take control of your eating environment. Jeff, an attorney friend, once[…]

Give me a Kiss, Hershey or Otherwise

Where did you go the last time you felt rejected by your significant other? Did you go to the kitchen to check out the refrigerator, just to make sure everything was still there? Or, did you leave the house and[…]

Learning to be Assertive with Food

What do you do, after eight perfect days of tournament dieting, you’re offered a delicious-looking piece of semi-sweet chocolate cake by your well-meaning mother-in-law who does not take “NO” for an answer? Does your tenacity, will and strength of character[…]

The Table Less Traveled

Most of us want it now, not tomorrow at 12 o’clock. We want results now. Yesterday would be better, but, OK, I’ll wait a little while longer, but not much. Particularly with weight loss, even though it took some years[…]

Get it up, your metabolism of course..

Question: What do you have less of each year, besides money, while due to having less of something you tend to have more of something else? (Whew! You try phrasing this question.) OK, a hint, your weight will gradually escalate[…]

Pre-Menstrual Syndrome – PMS

When was the last time you awoke with a headache, felt bloated as a beached whale, barked at your husband for saying, “Good morning, darling,” and kicked your sweet, adorable cat named Kitten, meowing for its morning meal all in[…]


Is it a lifestyle or just a healthier way of eating? In 1968 it was hip or cool to not eat meat. The country’s awareness on all levels was changing. A major war was on, ecology was being born, respect[…]

Food Allergy

Do you remember your Aunt Bessie loved peanuts but always felt sick after she ate them? Of course this statement is illegal in Georgia. And you, too, enjoyed your peanuts until finally “Enough was enough.” Your stomach rumbled, a mild[…]


Your mother told you, your grandmother told you. Television tells you, “Milk, it does a body good.” For sure, yet we do not realize the true nutrient benefit until you examine the major mineral ingredient in milk – calcium. Look[…]