8-Week Weight Loss Program

Try the program for 8 weeks!  No major costs, no major commitments.  But you must give yourself a fair chance at weight loss by investing the time necessary to change habits, awareness, behaviors, and attitude.  Say, “Enough is enough.  I am ready to make positive life changes for myself and for my family.  I am ready to increase my quality of life and my length of life.”

Prepare for your endeavor to lose weight permanently by ordering The Physician’s Nutritionist Book and Program Guide, and by signing up for the 8-week webinar.

Listen to the 35-minute CD in the back of the Program Guide.

Fill-out and review the Nutritional History Form within the Program Guide.  This will help you to reflect on your lifestyle and your habits.  Think about which habits and behaviors contribute to your being overweight: Do you skip meals? Are you a workaholic? What do you snack on? Exercise? Are you an emotional eater? A boredom eater? Why am I overweight?

Weigh yourself only ONCE per week.  This is important. And ladies, please remember that you retain excess water weight during your menstrual cycle.

Participate in the 8-week Webinar Series, which will provide an overview of the program, as well as provide you with additional information and education each week, to support your lifestyle changes.

Topics of discussion will include: What is the Ideal Diet?  How do I increase my metabolism?  Which habits to focus on?  Why keep a food diary? Portion control. Exercise. Timing and routine. “The good and the bad” of food choices. Confronting food challenges (e.g., eating out, travel, parties/functions, meals with family and friends). Achieving maintenance of lost weight.  Etc.

YOU are worth giving yourself a chance at permanent weight loss.

EMAIL  to express your interest in signing up for an upcoming webinar series.

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